Water Recycling System

Water recycling is the process of treating domestic as well as industrial waste water and reusing it. Recycled water can be reused for the same process, for irrigation or as an alternative to mains water in wash-down applications.

Water is one of the most important natural resource that is one of the basic necessities in human life. Water is used for a number of purposes, but it is used mainly for drinking.  Apart from household uses, it is also use for several industrial purposes.   Though water is found in abundant in nature, yet most of it is contaminated, and therefore it needs to be treated so that it can be recycled.

On-site wastewater reuse is need of time and can reduce water use in both urban and rural households. At present, most homes use potable (drinkable) water for practically everything in the house and garden.

We are literally flushing our drinking water down the toilet!

Advantages of reuse

By using wastewater as a resource rather than a waste product you can:

  • reduce water bills
  • use fewer water resources
  • irrigate the garden during drought or water restrictions
  • cut down the amount of pollution going into waterways
  • help save money on new infrastructure for water supplies and wastewater treatment
  • decrease demand on infrastructure for sewage transport, treatment and disposal, allowing it to work better and last longer.

Typical water recycling system

water recycling system in pune

Water Recycling system

water recycling system in pune

UF Unit

water recycling system in pune

RO Unit

water recycling system in pune

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