Sewage Treatment Plant

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The Importance of Managing Sewage

The scope of the sewage treatment plant has evolved throughout history with changes in socioeconomic conditions, city structures, and the environment. In today's world, sewage infrastructure that is well planned and operated supports urban sanitation and related activities. Effective sewage treatment is essential for nutrient recycling and for maintaining ecosystem integrity. It is also important for:

  • Improving the environment with the help of proper drainage and disposal of wastewater;
  • Preventing floods through the removal of rainwater;
  • Preserving receiving water quality.

With the help of our sewage treatment plant products, you can get an easy and efficient process to remove contaminants from wastewater such as household sewage and effluents. The sewage treatment plant process facilitates the achievement of water quality objectives. In addition to nutrient recycling, our advanced wastewater treatment often includes associated unit processes which support the optimization of resource use. Some of these unit processes include the conversion of sludge into various beneficial by-products and the process of extracting thermal energy from sewage treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant. Also, the sewage collection system can be used as a conduit for optical fibre cables and other communications infrastructure.

We at PRAKRRITI have inhouse design team of professionals who are having experience of more than two decades. We offer wide range of technologies comprising of ASP, Extended aeration, MBBR, SBR, SAFF, RBC, MBR along with reed bed technology.


BIOFILM Carriers

sewage treatment plant manufacturers in pune

Typical Flow Diagram MBBR

sewage treatment plant manufacturers in pune


Typical Flow

sewage treatment plant manufacturers in pune

Red Bed Technology or Natural Treatment Process

Typical Flow Diagram

sewage treatment plant manufacturers in pune


Phases of Operation

sewage treatment plant manufacturers in pune

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