Zero Liquid Discharge System

zero liquid discharge water treatment in pune

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system is a treatment process to remove all the liquid waste from a system. The main focus of the ZLD system is to economically reduce wastewater and produce clean water that is suitable for reuse, thus saving money and being beneficial to the environment. ZLD systems employ advanced wastewater technologies to purify and recycle virtually all of the wastewater produced. ZLD Plant Manufacturer is applicable for industrial plant effluent treatment, wastewater reclamation and industrial recycling applications.

Also, ZLD technologies help plants to meet discharge and water reuse requirements, enabling businesses to:

  • Meet stringent government discharge regulations
  • Reach higher water recovery (%)
  • Treat and recover valuable products/ salts from waste streams, such as potassium sulphate, caustic soda, sodium sulphate, calcium salts and many more
  • The conventional way to reach ZLD is with thermal technologies such as evaporators (multi-stage flash (MSF), multi-effect distillation (MED) and mechanical vapour compression (MCV)) and crystallizers and recover their condensate. ZLD plants produce solid waste as a by-product through solid dryers.

Zero liquid discharge system is an engineering approach to water treatment where all water is recovered and contaminants are reduced to solid waste.

zero liquid discharge water treatment in pune

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